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Anyways, I find it truly hard to describe myself without sounding full of oneself. I was thinking, kailangan ba talaga, e wala naman akong readers 😀 Hindi ako maingay na tao, kaya wag nalang. So I dare you to figure me out! 😀

Why Life Like Sense of Orange?

Because the color Orange means happiness and the fruit taste sometimes maasim, sometimes matamis. That’s life. Our life. My life. Gets mo ba? Ang labo diba?

Nota Bene: I created this blog not to please you. The people (claiming na may readers). The purpose of this blog is to express my views, my itchy hands, my walang kwentang thoughts, my learnings, sometimes my experiences, my current, my imaginative mind, isama na natin ang travel goals.

Let’s spread daily spread! Good vibes pips!

Love, Amor ❤